Tree removal

Trees in Asheville, NC are a precious commodity and removal is a last resort. However, there are circumstances in which tree removal is the best option. Obviously, a sick tree is a good candidate but all too often we see healthy trees uprooting sidewalks, cracking foundations, sewer lines or are simply too close to houses or other structures.

We have a proven track record of safely removing trees that are in hard-to-reach places. At Earth Works Tree and Landscape we are experts in tree removal, especially palm trees.

tree servicesWe specialize in the removal of trees in Asheville, NC. Our teams of skilled climbers have many years of experience in dealing with all types of difficult situations such as limited access areas, near by utility lines, and trees with extreme decay.
There are often situations when removal of a tree becomes necessary:

  • Dead, dying, diseased, or hazardous trees
  • Obstruction or crowding
  • To allow for construction
  • replacement by a more suitable specimen

We are well qualified in crane removals and because of our known experience in this area are often hired by other tree services to help them in their endeavors

Tree removal is often dangerous and requires specialized equipment that is not readily available to the average property owner. Unfortunately accidents can and do happen when removing large trees. Earth Works Tree and Landscape employees are routinely trained in safety operations. We have an EXCELLENT SAFETY track record. Homeowners should ALWAYS VERIFY that the tree company has the proper insurance and is up-to-date. It is absolutely essential that the company provide the homeowner with the proper workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Earth Works Tree and Landscape of Asheville, NC has all the necessary insurance and we are happy to provide all our customers with a written copy. You are also welcome to call our insurance and verify for yourself. Unfortunately, many companies in Asheville, NC operate without insurance and if an accident occurs the homeowner can be held liable. Contact our expert tree removal contractors at (828) 774-1984!