Tree trimming and removal in Asheville, NC

tree trimming services in Asheville, NC

Our certified arborists are skilled in managing your pruning, removal, stump grinding, and plant health care needs; while providing the most comprehensive tree care practices in the industry. Knowledge and passion for our industry ensures we will provide you with your tree pruning vision and plant health needs.

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I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how pleased I am with your company - from the initial estimate all the way through taking care of the tree trimming and removal, it was top notch and so worth the economical price for the professionalism. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone needing any tree work done.

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tree removalEarth Works Tree and Landscape has been offering the community of Asheville, NC the finest, environmentally sensitive tree service available for over 10 years.  We have developed a specialized service that not only handles domestic and commercial tree removal, surgery and stump grinding, but can provide professional advice and treatment for diseased trees and shrubs. In Asheville, NC, your trees will be respectfully cared for by  the trained and experienced tree removal contractors of Earth Works Tree and Landscape.

Trees in Asheville, NC are a precious commodity and removal is a last resort. However, there are circumstances in which tree removal is the best option. Obviously, a sick tree is a good candidate but all too often we see healthy trees uprooting sidewalks, cracking foundations, sewer lines or are simply too close to houses or other structures.

Trees require trimming at regular intervals as it keeps them healthy and hearty. The experts at Earth Works Tree and Landscape in Asheville, NC can advise you on the proper pruning for various trees. Different process of trimming also helps determine how you like to see your trees grow. If you want your grass to gets more exposure to light, then trees will be required slimmed and elevated. In case large tree limbs have covered your house, tree trimming service will help remove the extra limbs.

professional tree servicesGeneral tree care and maintenance is necessary to keep your property safe, and foliage healthy. Diseased and dying plants create a hazard and potential for infection to other landscape partners. The Earth Works Tree and Landscape team of experts in tree care, offers a wonderful chance to show you how magnificent any desert area can actually look when properly maintained.

We specialize in all aspects of domestic and commercial tree surgery and forestry in Asheville, NC. Providing a cost efficient assistance with no compromise of quality. Trust Earth Works Tree and Landscape’s professional tree specialists for getting rid of unneeded stump and stubs. Our stump removal is proper for all domestic garden work and all contract work undertaken by Earth Works Tree and Landscape we are able to remove all size stumps and having modified our machinery we are to get through a minimum opening.


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